What You’ll Learn at CTAConf 2019 (Agenda, Speakers, and More)

In the market for a marketing conference that’s totally immersive and genuinely actionable?

The sixth annual Unbounce Call to Action Conference (CTAConf) is coming up fast (September 25 to 26!), and we’re super excited to share all the details of this year’s “Raise Your Marketing IQ” agenda. Learn from 20 incredible speakers sharing their tips, insights, and hard-earned marketing know-how while tucking into delicious food, making great connections, and taking in the beauty Vancouver has to offer.

We know there are a lot of marketing conferences out there. But CTAConf is the only one with a thorough roadmap for high IQ marketing—the kind of marketing your competitors will wish they’d done.

What to Expect

  • Twenty extraordinary speakers who are not just thought leaders but practicing marketers who really know their stuff. No fluff, no panels, and no recycled content.
  • A one-track, “all-inclusive” experience from the cushy seats and world-class venue of the Queen Elizabeth Theatre to gourmet food trucks, healthy snacks, parties, and more.
  • Over 1,000 fellow marketers ready to mix, mingle, and learn with you in beautiful Vancouver, BC!

The CTAConf 2019 Agenda

This year’s speakers have been selected for expertise in one (or several) of the six elements of high-IQ marketing, innovative approaches to their craft, and practical experience. Have we mentioned they’re all awesome speakers and overall great people, too?

Plus, one stage means one track. You won’t have to choose between sessions and miss out on half the insights you paid for—just grab a snack, take a seat, and eat up every morsel of information.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn. For the full agenda (and to grab your tickets now for 15% off), head to the CTAConf site and use the promo code “CTAConfMarketingIQ” upon checkout.

Source: https://unbounce.com/call-to-action/what-youll-learn-at-ctaconf-2019-agenda-speakers-and-more/

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